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Innovative Family Dentistry in Shelby Township

Shelby township family dentistryDr. Ziecina and our friendly team understand the importance of your family's oral health. Your oral health is a large part of your overall well-being, and when it suffers, it affects other parts of the body. At the practice of William G. Ziecina, D.D.S., P.C., our family dentist is dedicated to providing the high-quality dental care you and your family need.

We are proud to provide dentistry for all ages and happy to serve multiple generations in Shelby Charter Township, Utica, Macomb, and the surrounding communities. Our team cares about your family's oral health for the long term. Even if you have not visited a dentist in some time, we can get your dental health back on track. Contact us online or call to schedule an appointment today!


Why Choose a Dentist That Focuses on Families?

Quality family dentistry in shelby charter townshipOur Shelby Township family dentist treats all ages, from toddlers to seniors. We offer many different services, including checkups, cleaning, examinations, fillings, x-rays, and more. However, the number of services provided is just one benefit of choosing a family dentist.

Just as family doctors must consider every member's medical history when treating you, they must also take everyone's oral health history into account. This is easier to do when the same dentist sees your whole family. When your entire family visits the practice of William G. Ziecina, D.D.S., P.C., it is also more convenient, as everyone can be seen in the same office.

Friendly Children's Dentistry

Proper oral hygiene starts when children are very young, and when you bring your child into our dental office, we want them to feel comfortable and welcome. We will collect all relevant information about their oral health and history during their first appointment and create a chart for them. Whenever a dental emergency comes up, we are ready to treat your child as quickly as possible. Not everything is an emergency, though, and so we also provide the following children's dentistry services:

  • Frenectomies: A frenectomy is a procedure that surgically removes soft tissue when it is too short or too tight, limiting the movement of the tongue.
  • Pulpotomies: Also sometimes referred to as a baby root canal, a pulpotomy can save an infected tooth.
  • Fluoride Treatments: Our family dentist or hygienist applies a professional fluoride solution to the teeth to reduce the risk of cavities and improve overall oral health.
  • Sealants: Dental sealants are typically painted on the surfaces of the molars and premolars and shields the enamel to prevent decay.

Our team will monitor your child's smile and educate the entire family about effective dental hygiene routines and how their diet affects oral health. When necessary, we can also refer your child to an orthodontic specialist.

Continuing Care for Your Teen's Smile

Shelby township family dentistAs children grow into adolescents, their oral health needs change. We will continue to educate your teen on the importance of regular hygiene and encourage diligence in brushing and flossing. Continuing with professional cleanings twice a year, we will use digital scanners that precisely diagnose issues as they arise. Teenagers often show an interest in cosmetic dentistry, and we can help with these services as well.

Our services for teenagers include:

  • Affordable Teeth Whitening: Our in-office Opalescence® Boost treatments or take-home Opalescence Go! whitening strips are both effective solutions. These treatments are simple, non-invasive, and quick ways to enhance the brightness of your smile.
  • Simple Extractions: When a tooth cannot be saved, we can perform simple extractions in our office or send more complex cases to a trusted oral surgeon.
  • Custom Sports Mouthguard: You and your children should wear a mouthguard for protection during sports activities. We make it fun for your teen by including their team logo, name, or number.

Preserving Adult & Senior Smiles

We provide several cosmetic and restorative treatments to restore your oral and overall health. You can also receive a custom mouthguard for conditions such as bruxism and TMJ, and we will refer you to a trusted specialist if complex treatment is necessary. Our services include:

Your gum health is essential to your overall health, and becomes even more crucial as we age. The presence of bacteria and infection can play a role in your risk for heart disease and diabetes. With regular exams and cleanings by our Shelby family dentist, we can help mature adults maintain optimal overall health.

Your Trusted Family Dentist in Shelby Township

At the dental practice of William G. Ziecina D.D.S., P.C., we welcome all ages to our friendly office for gentle, tailored care. We stay up to date on the latest techniques and technologies so we can consistently deliver the outstanding care you deserve. To learn more about how we can restore your optimal oral health call or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.